Galacmide Soak

为了管理‘亮肤色’和‘细滑肌肤纹理’ Tafomi 塔芙米独有的纯发酵系列
To take care of "clear skin tone" and "smooth skin texture," Tafomi's pure fermented line

Galacmide Soak Ampoule


Fermented ampoule for clear skin tone and smooth skin texture
It is recommended as a first ampoule for the first stage of basic care as a combination of ingredients unique to Tafomi that gives synergy with galactomyces. Clinical tests have been completed according to skin tone, skin texture, pore area, and pore depth.

Galacmide Soak Cream


Moisturizing with Transparency, Healthy Skin from Microbiome
The galactomyces and microbiome are mixed in the best ratio of Tafomi to balance the skin. I recommend it as a four-season moisturizing cream that creates inner strength.

Tam Sheet Mask

在镇静、水分、美白中添加"16种肽"的 Tafomi 塔芙米独有的高级面膜系列
‘16 peptides’ added to soothing, moisture, and whitening, Tafomi's premium mask pack line

Calming Tam Sheet Mask


Rapid soothing solutions to help calm skin and repair damage

Hyaluron Tam Sheet Mask


Rapid moisture solutions to help hydrate, moisturize, and strengthen barriers

Vita Tam Sheet Mask


Quick whitening solution to help whiten skin to regain light

Cica Tam Sheet Mask


Quick soothing solution with soothing ingredients for sensitive skin from external stimuli

Tea Tree Tam Sheet Mask


Rapid dual balance care solution that helps to soothe skin quickly and control strong sebum

Mellow Touch

CICA与海洋复合物,温和的角质护理和 加上保湿效果的 Tafomi 塔芙美独有的身体曲线
Cica and Marine Complex adds mild exfoliation and moisturization, Tafomi's body line

Mellow Touch Body Wash

含有新一代的角质护理成分PHA, LHA,可温和整顿角质,打造粗糙的皮肤变得细滑。.

Mild Filling Daily Exfoliating Wash
Body washes containing PHA and LHA, the next generation of dead skin care ingredients, gently cleans up dead skin cells and makes rough skin clear and smooth.

Mellow Touch Body Lotion


Refreshing your skin with the power of the clean ocean
Filled with the energy of the sea, it contains nine seaweed complex ingredients that are effective for recharging moisture and sea grape extract that is excellent for skin purification and moisturization to keep your skin in a clean and healthy condition.

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